The Technology Advantages of JINPAT Large Current Rotary Joints


Slip ring is an important conductive device in modern industry as well as an indispensable device that allows rotary transmission of signal, gas and fluid. JINPAT Electronics is a professional slip ring manufacturer that is able to provide professional and cost-effective solutions to 360°rotating transmission for various industries.

Large current slip ring is also known as collecting ring, collector ring, center collector ring and circular distributor ring. It is widely applied in different areas like large crane, port machine, special marine ships and aerospace, etc. Basing on the applied industry and site, R&D team of JINPAT Electronics will offer the most suitable and optimized solution to the customer right from the design to material choice. Keeping the technological demands raised by oceanic industrial ship in mind, JINPAT generally combines signal ring with high power slip ring so as to enable the device to transmit high power current, illumination signal, control signal, Ethernet signal and so on. Inside the slip ring, exclusive cables are adopted for specific signals while the signal ring and power ring are physically isolated. Such design bestows excellent shielding effect and strong interference resistance.

Meanwhile, the reasonable structure protects the leads from potential damage during rotation and facilitates installation and regular maintenance. Besides, as for slip rings used in marine drilling platform, JINPAT Electronics equips it with temperature an alarm system, a regulatory system as well as a cooling system. This slip ring is explosion proof in the explosion group ofⅡB under T3.

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