The Latest Capsule Slip Ring Model


Recently, in response some customer’s request, JINPAT Electronics R&D team decides to develop a special custom slip ring that is based on LPC-56A standard capsule slip ring. As technicians agree on the technical parameters, this rotary joint model is named LPC-56A-0305-0403-34S. From the information provided in its name, people can see it’s a slip ring with 34 channels for signal, 7 channels for current among which 3 channels have a current peak of 5A while the other four, 3A.

capsule slip ring

To ensure meeting the technical criteria set by the customer, this rotary joint adopts special aluminum alloy housing while using machined components for main shaft. And the applications of fine finish gold-plated copper ring and gold-plated copper brush wires guarantee excellent electrical property and long service life. The withstand voltage of current channel and signal channel is above 500VAC@50Hz and above 300VAC@50Hz respectively. Insulation resistance between the two circuits is above 100MΩ@50Hz with a dynamic resistance fluctuation no more than 15 mΩ.

The structure of LPC-56A-0305-0403-34S is very similar to the JINTPAT super miniature photoelectric pod slip ring. The arrangements of the wires on the both sides of the stator side are very similar in that they do not make wire exits right at their bottoms. Still, the wire inlet and outlet of the former model are equipped with wire terminals like NorComp, Molex 1722562108, TE connectivity 78-PI and Harwin-G125-2043496LO to fulfill the requirements demanded by signal transmission and therefore different from the latter. In terms of mechanical performance, the usually operation speed does not exceed 30 rpm, torque no more than 10Ncm.

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