As the largest and most influential technology exhibition in China, the high-tech fair, known as the“China Science and Technology First Exhibition”, will continue to play the role of “Innovation Vane”, and promote scientific and technological innovation and integration of economy and society.

With the theme of “Adhering to the new development concept and promoting high-quality development”, the 20th Hi-Tech Fair will focus on the application of key technologies & core technologies in the high-tech frontier fields at domestic and foreign in various fields of economy and society. To show the latest products and technologies in information technology, artificial intelligence, "Internet ", 5G, smart city, aerospace and other aspects.

When it comes to the development of sophisticated smart devices, the we need to solve the problem of power supply and signal transmission from the stationary structure to a rotating structure of the device, and to solve the problem of winding between relative motion systems. Shenzhen Jinpat Electronics Co., Ltd. provided 360 Rotary Transmission Solution.

Shenzhen Jinpat Electronics Co., Ltd. has entered into the slip ring industry since 1996, focusing on the R&D, production and sales of high-precision conductive slip ring of national high-tech enterprises, with a number of R&D team consisting of senior engineers who have worked for many years in domestic famous research institutes. We are  committed to developing and producing high-quality conductive slip rings that can improve system performance and avoid damage that may occur when the wires are rotated.

JINPAT slip ring has been widely used in military fields such as sea, land, armed police and military and security, industrial automation, power, instrumentation, aviation, transportation, construction, wind power, robotics, medical and other civil fields.

Slip Rings

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