JINPAT Slip Rings, Top Candidates in the Slip Ring Industry


JINPAT Electronics is an established manufacturer with 23 years experiences in developing and producing slip rings. By far, JINPAT has developed over 10,000 rotary union models and has offered rotary transmission solutions for around 3, 000 corporations all over the world. Within the years, JINPAT Electronics has earned a good reputation in the market due to the solid quality, excellent performance of its products. JINPAT is now a house-hold name in the industry. Many of the companies that have been served by us are now in a strategic partnership with JINPAT.

 pancake slip ring

JINPAT Slip Rings are basically divided into two groups: the standard models and the custom models. JINPAT Electronics has tens and thousands of various slip ring models in different types, including through-bore slip ring, pancake slip ring, separate slip ring, capsule slip ring, pin slip ring, large current slip ring, high frequency slip ring, fiber optic rotary joint and pneumatic slip ring, etc.


Through-bore slip ring adopts through-hole center design with optional bore diameter, current capacity and signal type. In fact, many pancake slip rings also take the form of through-bore structure. However, these two kind of rotary joints are different in that the pancake rotary joint is arranged in concentric circles. Such characteristic helps pancake slip ring to save axial space. Similar to through-bore models, pancake ones can integrate channels for gas and fluid.

 capsule slip ring

Beside, pancake slip ring adopts independent stator and rotor design. The smallest axial tall of this series is down to 5mm. JINPAT separate slip ring takes up cylinder shape for its rotor and pin brush for the stator. Pins are exposed without shield. To put it another way, it can be viewed as a through-bore whose stator and rotor can be split randomly without housing.seperate slip ring


Pneumatic slip ring is a model especially designed to transmit gas or fluid. JINPAT pneumatic rotary joint has a delicate figure while having a special inner structure that ensures long service life and stable operation. Aluminum alloy is the major material applied, JINPAT also choose imported material for the sealing components that are quickly worn. Module design facilitates replacements of the worn part and therefore makes the whole production cost-effective and easy to maintain.

 pancake slip ring

Pin style rotary joint is designed basing on the mercury slip ring. This model takes usual socket copper pins as the wires applied on both the rotor and stator. The rotary joint is mercury-free and non-toxic, a best substitute for mercury slip ring. Pin slip ring developed by JINPAT Electronics is able to integrate channels for various current volumes and multifarious signals. JINPAT large current slip rings generally refer to those models that allow current peak over 20A. This series is custom products which generally integrate transmission of multi-channel of signals, gas, fluid and super large current.

 capsule slip ring

In the JINPAT slip ring family, the capsule models are the relatively tiny ones. Most of them can only endure peak current no more than 2A. Only few of them are developed for wind power generator and therefore can load current no more than 30A. JINPAT capsule slip rings can be further divided into mini slip rings and ultra-mini ones.  The maximum peak current volume of these two types is 1A. The ultra-mini capsule rotary joint is super small. The standard models have diameters range from 5.5mm to 11.1mm. They are tiny when compared with other series. Nonetheless, such tiny model has its own advantages. Thanks to the unique techniques injected within the model, the capsule slip ring takes up a 70% market share in the similar products. This model outperformers other competitors around the world.


seperate slip ring

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