JINPAT High Speed Slip Ring


General industries only ask for basic functions in a slip ring to enable 360 degree rotary transmission of power, signal, gas and fluid. These industries do not have specific requirements in terms of rotating speed. However, for certain special equipment which is in a high rotating speed, the speed of it component rotary joints must match the speed of it to ensure normal operations. In producing high speed slip rings, JINPAT Electronics has strong technology back up. By far, plenty high speed rotary joint models developed by JINPAT have been put into mass production.


High speed centrifuge, speed testing equipment for high speed railway and testing instrument for aircraft engine are typical application fields for high speed rotary joints. Under the demands of a certain military research institute, JINPAT developed the high speed slip ring with high shock resistance. After installation, severe and systematic testing is implemented on the slip ring. The data show that such high speed slip rings met and even exceeded the requirements set by the institute.


This high speed slip ring developed by JINPAT Electronics adopts advanced structure design. Mirror cutting is adopted when handling the interface to ensure reliable contact, allowing the surface finish reach Ra 0.05. Special manufacturing techniques are applied in the axis to keep the concentricity degree remain within 0.01mm between the ring groove and the shaft. JINPAT Electronics is skilled in machining and therefore able to keep tolerance of different parts in the slip ring under 0.005mm. As a result, the slip ring is very precise and functions more stably. Meanwhile, with its aluminum alloyed housing, this model is light-weighted and corrosion resistant. Besides, this high speed rotary joint has intact sealing with protection grade of IP55. Such characteristics allow it to serve in military equipment applied in relatively harsh environment.


Highlights of such model:

1.       Super high speed up to 20,000 rpm.

2.       Great high-shock resistance, able to endure 20,000g axial impact and 10,000g radial impact.

3.       Adapt to a wide range of temperature from -55°to +200°.

4.       Extremely low electrical noise down to 1 mΩ.

5.       Torque ≤0.01N*M.


What’s more, this high-shock resistant high speed slip ring is rather compact and thus save installation space. This trait broadens its application fields. The high speed rotary joint can perfectly fit in aviation rotary equipment, military vehicle devices, high speed centrifuge and other high rotating speed instruments.

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