High Protection Grading Slip Rings


Generally, JINPAT Electronics define slip rings with protections grading up to/over IP68 as high protection grading slip rings. With rich experiences accumulated in the years, JINPAT Electronics develops numerous models which gradually step into maturity and enter the market. These models are commonly found in underwater exploration equipment and robots. JINPAT High Protection Grading Slip Ring is developed from capsule slip ring and through-bore slip ring. Therefore, this model reaches a balance between capsule size and relatively large through bore slip ring size.


Take LPC-0202-02S-IP68 for example, based on JINPAT LPC-06 standard capsule slip ring, it has two power channels and two signal channels. It inherits the appearance design of the JINPAT LPC-06 standard capsule slip ring, with a 22mm diameter and a 49.6mm length. And of course, to ensure normal operation of the slip ring underwater, high intensity aluminum alloy is adopted as housing and shaft material. Aside from this, LPC--0206-IP68 is another high protection grade slip ring that takes LPC-06A as prototype.


There are two models of high protection grade slip ring that evolve from LPC-18A. They are LPC-0310-IP68 and LPC-18A-0605-IP68, with the former model adopting the housing and the shaft from its prototype while keeping the same size as LPC-18A-01 whose diameter is 22mm and length, 62.2mm. As for LPC-18A-0605-IP68, it only keeps the shaft from its prototype. Compared with LPC-18A-01, it has a longer diameter that is up to 33mm while keeping a body length of only 48.2mm due to reduction in circuit’s number.


Slip rings that are modifications of standard capsule sling rings feature compact size and low voltage. They are fit for mini underwater robot. However, in face of large underwater system that demands rotating electric conduction, this model feels awkward. In such case, JINPAT Electronics also has another solution. LPT000-0215-DW200 is designed to cope with the case. This model has no through-bore design. It is a branch of the through-bore slip rings.


JINPAT LPT000-0215-DW200 is another slip ring model with protection grade of IP68. Its model number shows that there are two 15A circuits with a revolution adaptation in voltage which reaches up to 2500V and therefore able to transmit 75kW power. The greater power capacity demands modification of the capsule sling ring—with the body length extended to 123.5mm and diameter 95mm. JINPAT High Protection Grade Slip Ring adopts special inner sealing structure, generally with PG connectors on the outlet. This slip ring support multi-type signal transmission with custom models of different power. Well-functioning within 300 meters water depth. 

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