Common Fault Analysis of Slip Rings


With the large-scale use of slip rings in various industries, more and more enterprises are constantly improving their requirements, still there are different problems often occur during use. Today, JINPAT Electronics will explain the common problems and their solutions.


1) Slip ring burning phenomenon

Slip rings have a certain working life range, we recommend replacing the slip ring when running for a long time. If it is not the cause of working life, the burning of the conductive slip ring can be basically divided into short circuit and current overload.

Short circuit or overload requires further communication with the slip ring manufacturer for assembly, bearing, actual working environment or installation new protection circuits.


2) Signal interference is too large

Since slip rings can transmit the power signal and the control signal, the power and the signal will interfere with each other, and such interference is divided into internal interference and external interference. In the initial stage of the slip ring design, it is best to offer the type of signal clearly. Our designer will use special wires for special signal internal and external shielding.


3) The phenomenon that the protection level does not match the usage environment

If the customer does require the protection level, then put the slip ring in an environment with a humidity of 95%, It will be like in the water, causing the internal short circuit to cause the slip ring to fail. So, the customer should inform the actual working environment of the slip ring before ordering.

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