Slip-renkaat VR-laitteissa

The high-end VR brings the user an immersive experience. It can affect the users’ vision, hearing and touch at the same time, leading them to walk and explore in the virtual world as if in the real world. 

Detailed description of application

Description of problem:

VR is a head-mounted display device to close the visual and auditory sense of the outside world and guide the user to create a feeling of being in a virtual environment. The display principle is that the left and right eye screens respectively display the images of the left and right eyes, and the human eye obtains such a difference information and generates a stereoscopic effect in the mind.

VR is directly connected to PC, TV or other multimedia devices by wires. During use, it will encounter problems such as turning and winding, which limits the angle of rotation and reduces the experience. In order to ensure 360° infinite rotation to complete signal and power transmission, JINPAT slip ring is a good choice. 

Solution to the problem:

JINPAT VR slip ring could transmit video transmission up to 2160*1280@90Hz, which can support 1~42 signals and small current, and ensure extremely low resistance fluctuation and long working life. The HTC VIVE helmet has been successfully adapted to our slip ring.

Our advantages are as below:

  • Integrated HDMI, USB, DC power supply three signals, currently has HDMI+USB3.0 advanced technology solution

  • Compact structure for easy installation

  • Low torque, smooth running

  • Can be customized according to customer needs

Slip Rings in VR Devices

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