Slip Ring Transmitters in Robot Controllers

Robots have been around since the 1990s, but in recent years advancements in sensors and automation technology, not to mention artificial intelligence, have raised their profile quite substantially. Enabling automating tasks within pick and place, injection molding, quality inspection, assembly, packaging, palletizing. 

JINPAT can provide a complete turnkey solution or critical turnkey components to ensure safe and accurate motion such as; electrical slip rings and pneumatic swivels for continuous 360° free movement, high accuracy encoders, kit-motors and drives. 

Robots arm is very flexible,and can be easily moved in production facilities. The LPM series has been specially developed, which is small size, light weight and long service life. The slip ring itself pulsates radially, and the concentricity of the connecting rod will increase the length of the difficulty. At the same time, the installation length is extended, and the installation requirements are not limited by the control to cope with the problem that the mechanical arm slip ring needs to solve.

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