JINPAT Slip Ring for Large Printer

Under a customer’s request, JINPAT developed a high precision slip ring to carry the mission of transmitting signal and power while keeping a 360 degree rotation for the large printer. JINPAT slip ring for large printer was developed from the in-production custom through-bore slip ring. Some modifications had been made. In the final version, the model is 40mm in inner diameter with 30 channels, 6 of which are current channels while the other 24 are signal channels. According to the coding rules of JINPAT Electronics, this model is coded LPT040-0610-24S. JINPAT through-bore slip rings by far have undergone multiple modifications and upgrades, together with the reliable material choice contributes to the excellent performance in each of the models.

 Through-bore slip ring

JINPAT LPT040-0610-24S slip rings have inherited traits from the through-bore series. Their working voltages are at in 800VDC, 150VDC, 24VDC and 5VDC with a max dielectric strength of ≥2500VAC@50Hz, ≥1500VAC@50Hz and ≥300VAC@50Hz, respectively. Among them channels with higher voltage are for power transmission while the ones with lower voltage are for signals. The insulation resistance of the slip ring is above or equal to 500MΩ@800VDC. At the speed of 50 rpm, the max contact resistance fluctuation value is 70mΩ. In terms of mechanical performances, its top rotating speed is 600 rpm, general working speed is 0~250rpm with a life span of 100,000,000 revolutions. As for other aspects, since the customer did not specify the protection grade, the initial protection grade of this custom through-bore slip ring is IP54. So, it only fits to work in the environment with humidity ≤60%RH. However, for all our slip ring models, protection grade is optional with the highest one reaches up to IP68, the through-bore series is no exception. Of course, the JINPAT through-bore rotary joints are terrific in performances and flexibility also because they can tackle complex integrated transmission of gas, fluid, power and signals. 

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